We can supply your complete roof-advertising. Because of our extensive knowledge of design, print and roofing we are able to offer you the best solution! We can offer this service for a range of different roofings, including bituminous, EPDM or PVC.

This video is taken during the appliance of the first full-colour roof in the Netherlands:


PVC roofing

The top of the range for roof-advertising has been exclusively developed by us. Our PVC roofing has an UV/ anti-scratch coating making it more durable. When a new roof is required we can combine the advertising and the roofing in one. This roofing material can also be used as a top layer over the existing PVC roof.

-Ideal for new buildings: cost reduction
- Large full-colour advertising
- Durable
- Recyclable
- Colour guarantee up to 5 years with us e of an UV/Anit-scratch coating

  montage dakreclame  
Frame and banner

Incase you don’t want to change your existing roofing, or your roof has too many irregularities, we offer a mega banner that can be stretched between an aluminum or cable frame. We will need to be able to use a raised border to fix the frame to.

- Use of full-colour print
- Placing a banner with great surface is relatively cheap
- It floats over the roof, ideal with uneven roofs
- Easy to replace. Action banners can be used
- Full-colour printing possibilities
- With large areas the placing of a mega stretch banner the costs are kept  
relatively low.
- Floating above the existing service it is ideal for uneven services
- Easily removed or changed. You are then able to change your roof-advertising with varying advertisements

Tile sticker

If you have a roof with tiling, we can apply our tile stickers. These aluminum stickers, with a full-colour print, forms itself to the shape of the surface of the tile.

- Excellent for use on concrete, stone and tarmac
- Also possible to give your roof advertising more attention value by using the  
sticker against the walls of your building, up to the parking (garage).
- Anti-slip
- Durable depending on usage