Why roof advertising?


There has never been a more appropriate time to place full-colour roof advertisement. Relatively few companies have put their logo on a roof. With our unique product you will be able to place your own full-colour advertisement on your roof. Our products are suitable for all types of roofing, flat or gradient. The creative possibilities are now endless!


More sky rise      

Through the increased growth in high rise buildings there are now more roofs seen by people. Due to this development, the occasion arises for roofs to become a durable advertising space!

Google Earth / Smartphone      

Using Google Earth or maps on our Smartphone we can be sure to be seen. In a landscape full of grey roofs, your roof will have the power of attraction. People will recognize your building instantly and….it’s free publicity!

Look at the 600m2 roofadvertisement of Prodelta on Beerweg in Rotterdam (area Maasvlakte 1).

Flight traffic      

All buildings near airports are seen daily by hundreds of thousands of people. If you want your roof to stand out above all the other grey roofs, then the use of our full-colour advertising on your roof. It will achievejust that!

You would like to see where the planes are heading? You can check the flight route here on Flightradar  




Architects will now be able to incorporate beautiful and creative roofing when creating their designs. They will now be able to implement the roofing of your choice. RoofMedia gives them the opportunity to create, something pleasing for the eye, which gives an extra dimension to the building.

Moss sedum roofs are expensive. Construction begins with an expensive foundation. Now you can create a similar view through a print on our enviremental PVC roofingmaterial of sedum, plants or flowers. Check it out Here!